<sup>®</sup> Open Series Reports From Around The 'Net!
by Lauren Lee

Thousands of players are participating in Open Series events and many of them have posted tournament reports on various websites and blogs. Did you attend a Open Series event and write a tournament report afterwards? Send us a link to what you wrote and we'll post it here!

If you played in a recent Open or are going to play in an upcoming event you can write a tournament report and get it posted here! Open Series Reports from Around the 'Net!

[KANSAS CITY — October 29-30]

SCG KC Report: T8 Standard & T16 Legacy by Mark Hinsz [Standard decklist] [Legacy decklist]

[BALTIMORE — October 22-23]

SCG Baltimore; A Mono Black Story *5th in Standard* by Joseph Jancuk [decklist]

Stroke of Genius #1 by Keith Cooper

This Kid Doesn't Even Know What Deck He Is Playing by Chris Canova

A Pretty Big Day at SCG Baltimore by Justin Duewel-Zahniser

[INDIANAPOLIS — October 1-2]

SCG Indy Tournament Report: The Newest Horizon by Mike Hawthorne

[ATLANTA — September 10-11]

Dark Fish Rising *7th in Legacy* by Michael Braverman [decklist]

Another Sick Burn Part 1*1st in Standard* by Mike Tabler [decklist]

Another Sick Burn Part 2 *1st in Standard* by Mike Tabler

[RICHMOND — August 13-14]

A long overdue tale of 20/20s *8th in Legacy* by Stephen Daryl Ayers [decklist]

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Cheaper: SCG Richmond 19th by Joshua Justice

[PITTSBURGH — July 30-31 2011]

B/U Reanimator *15th in Legacy* by Benjamin Sturtz [decklist]

[SEATTLE — July 23-24 2011]

SCG Seattle Part 1 *photo blog* by MJ Scott

Misstepping With Painter Stone by Charles Glaspie

[CINCINNATI — July 16-17 2011]

Inside the Deck: SCG Open Cincinnati Part 2 by Inside the Deck

Top 8 @ SCG Cincinnati - Part 1 *7th in Standard* by Ben Friedman [decklist]

Top 8 @ SCG Cincinnati - Part 2 *7th in Standard* by Ben Friedman [decklist]

Updating Standard by Nick Spagnolo

Four Rounds Four Different Decks by Mike Lanigan

Inside the Deck: SCG Open Cincinnati Part 1 by Inside the Deck

[BALTIMORE — June 25-26 2011]

Storming to 11th: Star City Games Baltimore by Bryant Cook [decklist]

Modern Legacy: Return of the Walking Dead by Ando Ferguson

Transitioning Standard by Mike Lanigan

Roller Coaster Ride And Interview by Chaz Souders

Baltimore Grim Lavamancer and ShamanTwin *14th in Standard* by Michael Martin [decklist]

SCG Open Baltimore - Tournament Report by Justin Duewel-Zahniser

[DENVER — June 11-12 2011]

SCG Denver: 11th Place with Storm by Bob Yu [decklist]

SCG Open Denver *3rd in Standard* by Matt Motchkavitz [decklist]


Inside The Deck: SCG Invitational *video* by Inside The Deck

SCG Invitational and Survivor Draft by Anthony Avitollo

2nd Place With Reanimator *Legacy Open* by Kyle Kloster [decklist]

SCG Invitational Indianapolis part 1 by Andrew Pekios

SCG Invitational Indianapolis part 2 by Andrew Pekios

Top 8 With Merfolk: SCG Indianapolis *3rd in Legacy* by Scott Muir [decklist]

What did I do last weekend? The Invitational and Open Series June 3-5th in Indianapolis Indiana! *photos* by RA Johnson

SCG Invitational Indianapolis Facebook album by

1 Win Out Of Money At The SCG Invitational by Timothy Frank

[LOUISVILLE — May 21-22 2011]

Inside The Deck: SCG Open Louisville 2011 *video* by Inside The Deck

Another Top 8 Another Heartbreak Part 1 by Michael Tabler [decklist]

Another Top 8 Another Heartbreak Part 2 by Michael Tabler [decklist]

SCG Louisville KY by Andrew Pekios

Just missed it! 9th at the SCG Louisville Legacy Open by Ben Tash [decklist]

[CHARLOTTE — April 30-May 1 2011]

Brian's SCG Open Series: Charlotte Report by Brian Baker

Grindin': A Charlotte Open Weekend Report by Nicholas Sabin

Scrubbing Out 8-Hour Drives and the Fun Bracket by Mark Sun

Mike's SCG Open Series: Charlotte Report by Mike Shiver

Bringing the RUG Tech Home by Michael Martin

Combat Unnecessary in Charlotte *13th in Legacy* by Joshua Justice [decklist]

8th at SCG Charlotte with Hate Crimes *Legacy* by Timothy Frank [decklist]

[BOSTON — April 23-24 2011]

SCG Open: Boston Report *154th* by Ryan Lackie

Legacy in Boston - A SCG Open Report by Jeffrey Carmichael

[ATLANTA — April 2-3 2011]

Bantlanta *5th in Legacy* by Caleb Durward [decklist]

Dredging to the Finals *2nd in Legacy* by David Thomas [decklist]

Photos for Standard and Legacy and Draft by Megan Holland

CounterTop for Fun by Anthony Avitollo

My SCG Atlanta Report by Damaja

Survivaling to 29th at SCG Atlanta *Standard* by Mark Sun

[LOS ANGELES — March 26-27 2011]

Tournament Report: SCG Los Angeles Open by Frankie Mach [decklist]

26th at SCG : Los Angeles [Legacy] with Zoo by Jason Abong

[Standard] Top 4 at Los Angeles SCG Open by Barry Huang [decklist]

14th at SCG Open: Los Angeles with Dredge *Legacy* by Kyle Dunne [decklist]

8th at SCG LA with Belcher and Undefeated in the Swiss *Legacy* by Ben Perry [decklist]

[TES-3rd] Open: Los Angeles *3rd in Legacy* by Liam Kane [decklist]

1st Place Open: Los Angeles *Legacy* by Alexander Kwan [decklist]

15th at SCG LA with White Weenie *Legacy* by Kanan Luce [decklist]

24th at SCG LA with Doomsday *Legacy* by Lowell Thompson

Cawing in the City of (Baneslayer) Angels *Top 8* *Standard* by Josh Silvestri [decklist]

Star City Games Los Angeles Standard Open *Not High Enough To Brag About* (Part 1) by ToreroTutor

[DALLAS/FORT WORTH — March 19-20 2011]

The Island Resolves Ep 1 by Ricky Linn

SCG Dallas Legacy Top 4 Report *4th in Legacy* by James Lance [decklist]

A Real Deck *5th in Standard* by Nick Spagnolo [decklist]

A 5-3 Lodestone Golem's Story at SCG FW *27th in Legacy* by Christopher Zhou

[MEMPHIS — March 11-12 2011]

Loving the South a Memphis Open Report *8th in Legacy* by Michael Tabler [decklist]

SCG Memphis Legacy Open *Top 4* by Chris VanMeter [decklist]

SCG Standard Open Memphis *7th* by David McDarby [decklist]

City of Birds and Swords *32nd in Standard* by Joshua Justice

My SCG Memphis Weekend Day One by Jon Metzger

My SCG Memphis Weekend Day Two by Jon Metzger

Painting Memphis *10th in Legacy* by Caleb Durward [decklist]

[EDISON — March 5-6 2011]

Photos for Standard and Legacy by Megan Holland

NYC Here I Come! by Megan Holland

Katz's Edison and My Return Home by Megan Holland

Top 4 in Edison SCG Open with Next Level Thresh by Eric English [decklist]

Armpit of America *12th in Legacy* by Adam Barnello [decklist]

Op-Ed: Happy Anniversary Alex Ullman by Mitch Okun

SCG Legacy Open Edison *2nd* by Eli Kassis [decklist]

[WASHINGTON D.C. — February 26-27 2011]

Photos for Standard and Legacy by Megan Holland

Star City Open DC *4th in Standard* by Jeremy Sunell [decklist]

The Beginning of My Adventures by Megan Holland

Reflections on the SCG DC Open by Don Wiggins

How to Throw Away a Top 8 Slot - Playing RUG in DC *30th in Standard* by Michael Martin

Next Level Threshold in DC *43rd in Legacy* by Mark Sun

[INDIANAPOLIS — February 5-6 2011]

SCG Open: Indy Report *9th in Legacy* by Joel Ferris [decklist]

Inside The Deck: SCG Open Indy *video* by Richard Castle

24th Place at SCG Open: Indianapolis (Legacy) with Counter-Rebels by Carlo Juan

SCG Indianapolis Legacy Open 2011 by JACO

[SAN JOSE — January 15-16 2011]

Star City Games Open by Willie Guevara

[KANSAS CITY — January 8-9 2011]

Punting All the Way to the Finals *2nd in Legacy* by Corbin Hosler [decklist]

39th at SCG Kansas City - Definitely Not a Winner's Report by Mark Sun

If you attended a Open Series event and wrote a tournament report posted on the web somewhere send us a link and we'll post it here!